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Founded in November 2015, WESAI is independently operated as a divided business on sports under WEYING group, aiming to be the mobile Internet solution provider and basic operator. With the superior resource of the mobile internet, WESAI is using the big data and social network to realize the deep integration of industry data and user data in sports filed. By building an online to offline "sports service platform" to connect the sports industry with the users, WESAI achieves the fast and convenient consumption.

WESAI adopts the strategy of coverage to collect resources of commercial events and mass activities, thus marketing the major sports events with the all resources. At present, it has become an important partner of CSL, CBA and NBA CHINA, and has launched in-depth cooperation with major international events in marketing, ticketing and other fields. In addition, WESAI has covered 80% of sports events and has cooperated with over 2,000 sports stadiums across the country. In a very short time, WESAI has maintained a strong momentum of development, and quickly ranks TOP10 internet sports start-up company in China.

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